Monday, February 18, 2008

Hip Deep in Yarn and Loving It

My order of yarn from Spritely Goods finally arrived today (a pox on UPS for rescheduling the delivery -- it was supposed to have been here last Friday) and I've been reeling off 4 oz bundles. Oh, it's amazing, though, to hold these great bundles of wool! They are so soft and fresh that I want to use them as a pillow!

Although I lost out on my production time this past weekend, I was still able to make some progress on color experiments. I've achieved a very nice pale blue and light green, and I found a purple/gold/fuschia combination for autumn that absolutely melts my heart. I'm concentrating on light and bright colors for spring and summer right now. Autumn colors will come later.

I also started knitting with my skein of "Mardi Gras" and it's coming out striped! I'm so excited! It's better than I expected! Yiippppeee!!!!!

I'll try to post photos later this week. My camera has been loaned to the stationery shop for some things we needed done there. I just got it back today.

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