Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Purple, Green, Blue, Fuschia Fingers!

Oh, my stars! Oh, my colors! I dyed two skeins last night; one was really good and the other was so-so. Acting on an idea, I dyed three skeins tonight and I think I came up with some amazing color combinations! I'm getting really good at blending colors, and my whole process is getting cleaner as I go.

With my earlier dye sessions I came up with about 48 color swatches with pre-determined mixtures. When I'm blending one color to another on the skein, I come up with some really awe-inspiring combinations: pale yellow greens, pale oranges . . . Oh, I can hardly wait for morning when I rinse them out!

Yes, that's what's been happening for two nights running: I come home, have a little supper, set up the table for a dye session, clean up after setting the yarn aside to "cook," then wait until morning to rinse, neutralize, and wash.

I must be crazy. But I'm happy crazy.

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Mandella said...

Fun, isn't it? Although I could do without technicolour digits as a result.