Monday, August 11, 2008

Kimono Scarf

This is what I've been doing to amuse myself lately. It's a scarf in a pattern adapted from Folk Shawls. It's the pattern for the Kimono shawl, an easy 10+1 repeat pattern with garter edges.

I'm knitting it on US 7 needles with a nice Peruvian merino by a company called Mirasol. The yarn is called Hacho and the colorway is #306. It has a nice, tight twist. One 50g ball yielded 12" in length (including the border), so I anticipate having a scarf that is 60" long when I'm done as I have only 5 balls of this wonderful wool. I'm not sure how wide it will be when I block it out, but I think it will be near to 12".

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